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    Permanent Placement

    Our leading technical and professional recruitment team source people of all skill-sets, from entry-level administration to senior executive management and the C-suite. They will work to understand your business and its needs, now and for the future. Programmed helps you find the best people to take your business where you want it to go.

    Find the best people for your business

    We understand that finding suitable candidates with the right balance of technical skills and industry experience can be a challenge. That’s why we commit to fostering long-term relationships with our candidates, to enable us to offer a wide selection of talented people. We can also recruit nationally through our affiliations and strategic networking partnerships.

    Expertise across diverse disciplines

    Our specialist consultants are experienced across every industry, and are uniquely placed to help you find your next valuable employee – someone who has the skills, knowledge and values to help your business succeed.

    Broad industries, specialist roles

    We can source the best people for your organisation across every industry and role. Programmed connects you with professionals from varied sectors, including finance, legal, accounting, payroll, administration, customer service, IT analysts, mining project managers, geologists, HSE specialists, engineering planners, controllers, managers, government administration and senior executives.

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