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    Programmed was engaged by our customer to manage the end-to-end recruitment of 180 dump truck operators (DTOs) and deliver them to site over an 11-week period.


    Programmed was responsible for all aspects of the recruitment process, from the selection of candidates through to their placement on-site. Programmed was asked to sourc...

    When a competitor announced it was going into liquidation, two mining operators immediately terminated their contracts with that competitor, affecting hundreds of employees and trainees.


    Both mine operators then approached Programmed to transition the 280 affected employees and trainees across 5 sites with minimal disruption to...

    Programmed Training Services supplies apprentices and trainees to our transport infrastructure customer throughout Queensland, a relationship that spans over 12 years.


    Programmed was engaged by our customer at very short notice to transition 180 employees over to us from an agency experiencing financial difficulties.


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