Improve water efficiency by reducing rather than restricting. Programmed’s sustainability solutions include specialised expertise aimed at understanding, managing and acting to realise real returns through better water efficiency.

We help you analyse and recognise your water consumption, implement water efficient strategies and report on spend. Smart metering provides you access to real-time data and reporting, as well as the ability to detect and eliminate wastage. If you are a commercial property owner, you can even allocate water consumption costs to the ultimate user.

Our solutions are always centred around your needs and desired outcomes. This drives the technology, expertise and products chosen to best achieve the desired results. You can have confidence that only the most appropriate fixtures and strategies to suit your specific property and water efficiency goals will be applied.

More than just unexplained high water bills, did you know that undetected water leaks can cause severe building damage? Undetected leaks in underground pipes can erode the strength and stability of your building’s structural foundation. Avoid such hazards and potentially high building repair costs through Programmed’s water efficiency and utility bill audits.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Speak to us about water harvesting, greywater systems, retrofitting and irrigation applications that can be included into your water efficiency strategy to cut costs and improve efficiency.

Programmed is a large national company, and vendor neutral. This gives us buying power and the ability to objectively recommend products that we are sure are best suited to your needs. Plus, we can help you no matter where you are located.

See how we use a four-step process to identify a sustainable solution catered to you.

Our water efficiency services include:

  • Water loss and consumption management
  • Utility bill audit and organisation
  • Water usage assessment and reporting
  • Cost analysis, budgeting, forecasting and benchmarking
  • Greywater systems
  • Water harvesting


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