Our knowledge in the management of Human Resources (HR) and Industrial Relations (IR), collectively termed Employee Relations (ER), is exceptional.

We work closely with worldwide industry bodies and international partners to ensure that we are prepared for and strategically aligned to manage ER activity across our areas of operation.

The management of ER is crucial to operating a project without dispute and as such we implement strategies in order to minimise any potential disputes and grievances.

  • Working in consultation with employees, customers and the relevant unions.
  • Encouraging and promoting equal opportunity, diversity and mutual respect in the workplace.
  • Establishing a culture where safety is integral, effective systems to support disciplined, consistent and careful decision-making across all ER matters.
  • Implementing rigorous recruitment, selection and induction processes to ensure the most appropriately skilled, experienced and suitable people are mobilised.
  • Maximising productivity by supporting and developing our people to work to the full extent of their capability and customising crew engagement to meet customer objectives.
  • Effectively manage and reward good performance to optimise the performance of our teams and our people.
  • Coordination of ER matters in consultation with all stakeholders, including our people, customers, employee and employer associations, and government agencies, to ensure an overall result and cost-effective solution that is based on best practice and in the best interests of our people and our customers.
  • Providing strategies to mitigate and/or eliminate ER risks.
  • Providing cost-effective, comprehensive and tailored solutions to our customers’ ER concerns, e.g. developing and implementing customer or project specific Employee Relations Management Plans (ERMP), facilitating project briefings and union inspections.
  • Fostering timely and open discussions (as required) with relevant labour unions, whilst ensuring union affairs are managed in accordance with legislative requirements.
  • Resolution of any grievances, disputes or ER issues that may arise in a quick and efficient manner, in accordance with our detailed and effective dispute resolution procedures.
  • Continuous monitoring of the industry to remain abreast of industry precedent and any emerging ER issues, to enable a proactive approach to the management of ER matters. 

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