Programmed is currently involved in a number of public private partnerships in Australia and New Zealand, including schools, university accommodation and correctional facilities.

To support and sustain their growth strategy in the competitive government market, Programmed has created a dedicated business development team that specialises in commercial and operational solutions for major infrastructure projects. The team is supported by legal, risk and various specialised technical teams.

We’ve participated in a number of PPP processes with different consortia over the past decade and understand the importance of team partnership and project planning required between all parties throughout these extensive processes. We have undertaken lead roles in the development and negotiation of key commercial aspects of the tender process in addition to our primary role of delivering the operational and technical solutions for each consortium.

We’ve developed a suite of proprietary asset management and operational tools. These include:

  • Asset Track - an elemental lifecycle forecasting and maintenance costing tool used to tender PPP projects and similar long-term asset management related contracts.
  • FM Design Brief – Our Design Brief tool works in conjunction with Asset Track and has been extensively updated to incorporate our learnings from the design, construction, commissioning and testing phase of our current PPPs. In our experience, the FM Design Brief is a keystone model that will ensure the whole of life outcomes and fitness for intended use obligations of the project can be met.


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