Philanthropic Phong Gives Back to Cambodian Community


Philanthropic Phong gives back to cambodian community

It’s not every day that you meet someone who travels to another country to build homes for the less fortunate for their birthday, but that’s exactly what Programmed Industrial Maintenance Site Manager Phong Vuong did.

Turning 40 in July, Phong embarked on a journey of giving back to the community.

Phong joined 20 other Perth-based volunteers who travelled to Cambodia with the Tabitha Foundation House Building Program. “Giving something back means a lot to me,” says Phong, whose team raised $30,000 to build 15 houses and water supplies for disadvantaged Cambodians.

The team, who joined the build during the final stages, was involved in giving the properties to the families who will live in the brand new houses.

Phong said, “To see the emotion, gratitude and appreciation from the families was life changing.”

The Tabitha Foundation works to educate Cambodians out of poverty and to provide infrastructure and support to those most in need.

Phong and the team also visited the Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital which is currently under construction thanks to the Tabitha Foundation. The first stage is due to be opened on International Women’s Day in 2018.

More than 23,000 volunteers from all over the world have come together to build more than 11,000 houses with the Tabitha Foundation and in July 2018 Phong plans to head back over to be one of them.

“I feel privileged to be a part of this great cause,” he said, and we feel privileged to have Phong as part of our Programmed team.

As part of Phong’s dedication to outstanding work and safety achievements he was given the opportunity to ‘toss the coin’ at Programmed’s Fremantle Dockers match day held in July.