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    Zayed college for girls

    Our Customer

    Opened in 2001, Zayed College for Girls in Auckland is a private Islamic secondary school with a student body of 180 to 200 students.


    Project Description

    Zayed College for Girls (Zayed College) needed an exterior repaint as age had taken its toll on the presentation of its buildings.

    However, having undertaken a recent and large roof replacement project, the school had a very restricted budget. They were keen to reinvigorate the school’s presentation but were grappling with uncertainties around affordability.

    After speaking to a satisfied customer of Programmed, Zayed College contacted us to devise a long-term painting and maintenance programme that could fit their constrained budget. They found the option of being able to spread the cost of their repaint over a number of years while keeping the school looking good over the entire maintenance period appealing. They also welcomed Programmed’s ability to manage the entire process from start to finish.


    Project Solution


    Programmed’s first job was to wash down the exterior of the school buildings before undertaking a repaint in the school’s official colours.

    The College’s two and a half storey education wing measures 25 metres by 30 metres and is mostly of red brick. Its archways feature distinct characteristics of Islamic architecture. The gymnasium and swimming pool are sited in another wing which measures 15 by 15 square metres.

    While the relatively small footprint and height of the buildings meant works could be completed using a standard boom truck, the poor drainage and high water table the school was situated on proved challenging when needing to move access equipment to the designated work site. The motorised booms would have simply sank into the school lawns during the rainy season, causing works to be halted during the middle of the year. As a result, all works were arranged around the Christmas period to coincide with dry weather and a dry site.

    Being an Islamic school, Programmed was mindful of the cultural and religious sensitivities and attentive in how we engaged staff so as to avoid causing any offence. Our thoughtful and friendly approach, as well as strong communication, ensured works ran smoothly.


    Project Outcome

    The repaint has breathed new life into the buildings, allowing Zayed College to be fully reinvigorated without breaking the bank. Zayed College was very pleased with the works completed and has since asked Programmed to conduct additional works to their property.

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