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    St andrew’s school

    Project Description


    Situated on the original site where it was first established in the 1850s, St Andrew’s School in Walkerville, South Australia, has since expanded to include 12 buildings across 3.5 hectares. The school approached Programmed to see how they could reduce energy consumption and minimise exposure to increasing energy costs.


    Project Solution


    Programmed identified that the school’s buildings, built at various times as the school grew, included a variety of systems and technologies that were generally considered inefficient by today’s standards.


    We provided the school with a number of recommendations, particularly for lighting and air-conditioning, and installed a bespoke energy metering and monitoring system, which gave real-time energy use trends. This system gives the school better visibility – and immediate information - of when and where energy is used. It will also provide validation for any future energy-saving initiatives that are implemented.


    Key Achievements


    • St Andrew’s School is now able to monitor electrical performance across all of its buildings and track energy consumption in real time through the sub-metering system.
    • 60% energy and maintenance savings through lighting replacements.
    • Payback period of under two years for all works implemented.
    • Improved study and teaching environments through better quality lighting and air-conditioning systems.


    Project Outcome


    St Andrew’s School now has ongoing information and tools useful for understanding energy consumption and controlling cost - something they never had before.


    “All these works have a payback period of only less than two years. I have been very impressed with the professionalism of the Programmed team and look forward to implementing some of the bigger life cycle solutions and realising cost savings from those improvements.” – Alan Williams (Business Manager, St Andrew’s School)

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