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    Plumbing world

    Project Description


    Over the past few years, Plumbing World has implemented a new look for their brand. The company moved away from their purple colour scheme to one with a bold, black base to represent and reinforce their strong position in the market.


    The rebrand involved all aspects of their corporate identity, from staff uniforms and vehicles to billboards and stores. Each store would require signage installation and a full repaint as part of the new black-based theme.


    With over 40 stores nationwide, Plumbing World needed a company able to provide high quality, consistent results in both commercial painting and signage installation across a variety of store sizes and building substrates.


    Project Solution


    Programmed’s existing infrastructure of 15 branches across New Zealand, as well as an extensive network of specialist suppliers, enabled us to be a single stream supplier capable of providing the multiple services required for a successful rebrand.


    We ensured a seamless service that streamlined resources, a smooth workflow and close communication. This was particularly crucial as visual store-by-store manifestations of the new brand were required to be produced – and agreed to – before work at each site could commence.


    Project Outcome


    With newly applied branding, Plumbing World stores now have a consistent look and feel across their entire New Zealand network. We have also established a customised maintenance plan to protect and retain the stores’ crisp, clean appearance for years to come. 


    “Programmed have been fantastic to deal with on this project and have handled the project from start to finish in a very professional manner. The interaction between Programmed’s Account Manager and Plumbing World’s Marketing Team/Branch Network has been very thorough, so all parties have been kept informed throughout the process. We are now very proud of our new corporate identity, and our staff and customers agree.” – Sarah Vining (Marketing Manager, Plumbing World)

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