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    Pembroke school

    Our Customer

    Pembroke School is an independent, coeducational day and boarding school located in Adelaide, South Australia. Pembroke educates students from Early Learning Centre to Year 12 and aims to prepare each student to actively participate in and contribute to society.


    Project Description

    Programmed has an ongoing relationship with Pembroke School dating back over 15 years. However, not all of the school’s buildings were covered under the maintenance painting programme in place. Each year, the school was paying for additional painting work for areas not covered by the programme. The school wanted to implement a more comprehensive and flexible painting programme that would include all school buildings and allow additional works to be undertaken with the cost built into the contract.


    Project Solution

    Programmed re-surveyed all the school’s buildings, both on and off campus. A 4+3 year programme was then devised to suit the directive of the school council in regard to the length of contracts at Pembroke. Building repaints were scheduled throughout the first 3 years of the contract, with the flexibility to reschedule if required. Annual paint maintenance was then scheduled in the years where repainting did not occur. A colour change for the Junior School was incorporated into the first year of the programme, to brighten up its overall appearance. The contract also included the provision of ‘discretionary hours’ to allow for out-of-contract work where necessary.


    Project Outcome

    The new programme included over 50% more painted surfaces than the previous agreement, but the upgraded programme remained ‘cost neutral’ when taking into account what the school was previously spending on sundry work each year. Programmed’s site foreman consulted regularly with Pembroke’s Building and Grounds Manager to ensure on-time delivery, flexible scheduling left where necessary to minimise disruption to the school’s day-to-day activities.

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