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    Newtown school

    Our Customer

    With a student population comprising of fifty different nationalities, Newtown School takes pride in its diversity. The cultural identity and personal development of students are encouraged through a positive and holistic learning environment.


    Project Description

    After learning that their two-storey teaching block was earthquake prone, Newtown School (Newtown) had the building demolished knowing it posed a risk to the children and staff. A new teaching block was rebuilt to meet geotechnical requirements as well as to accommodate increasing primary school enrolments.

    Newtown decided to take this opportunity to rebrand its premises with a new colour scheme. To smoothly integrate the old with the new, the palette would be applied to the existing main administration building, classroom block and hall.

    Programmed has worked with Newtown for a number of years to maintain the school’s presentation. The school has found the structure and affordability of our long term maintenance programmes very beneficial as it allowed for the bulk of the work to be undertaken in the first year while amortising costs over the life of the programme.

    The existing contract with Newtown School was rolled over and extended to include an exterior painting programme for the new building.


    Project Solution

    The majority of the school was repainted in off-white. As a cost-effective solution, this would simplify future maintenance. Washing the buildings would be easier and the amount of painting reduced if fading occurred.

    While bright colours energised a site, over large walls these tended to fade quickly. Thus, Programmed recommended that the school still accessed the ambience created by vibrant colours, but to keep these colour and their painted areas to a minimum.

    We also suggested they adopted these as accents in covered areas, such as doorways or posts. This protected them from exposure to the environment, ensuring they lasted longer.

    To reduce project costs, a mixture of scaffolding and elevated work platforms were used for the repaint. A cherry picker was used in flat areas, with ropes and harnesses for some of the roof work. All works were carried out concurrently with other trades constructing the new school block.


    Project Outcome

    Newtown School was extremely happy with the project’s outcome. The new colour scheme seamlessly brings together both the old and new areas of the school for a uniformed and consistent image.  

    “Over our relationship of twenty years, I have found Programmed and its staff very professional. The colour scheme and workmanship has certainly revitalised our school" – Mark Brown, Principal, Newtown School

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