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    High volume recruitment in the mining sector

    Programmed was engaged by our customer to manage the end-to-end recruitment of 180 dump truck operators (DTOs) and deliver them to site over an 11-week period.


    Programmed was responsible for all aspects of the recruitment process, from the selection of candidates through to their placement on-site. Programmed was asked to source, screen, interview, verify qualifications, perform medical assessments, coordinate travel arrangements and induct all 180


    We were also required to mobilise them quickly and conduct a rigorous sourcing campaign, which received 1,500 applications and required 250 interviews and 200 medical assessments.


    We conducted an initial planning workshop with our customer to address requirements, time frames, expectations and communication methods and establish the parameters for a successful working relationship.


    The following elements were central to the successful implementation and execution of this high-volume recruitment drive:


    • The immediate implementation of a Programmed dedicated customer recruitment team, which leveraged the resources in our mining service centre team
    • Assigning a dedicated recruitment coordinator to the project in order to manage the recruitment team and act as a central point of contact for our customer
    • Creating and implementing a targeted press and online advertising campaign
    • Directing all initial candidate applications and enquiries through an efficient call centre function of the recruitment team, staffed by experienced consultants with expertise in volume recruitment, performance management and retention
    • Moving the candidate selection process wholly in-house to reduce the recruitment lifecycle and meet our customer’s expectations in a timely manner
    • Moving medical checks in-house and extending the hours of the registered nurse to ensure all medicals were completed in the required time frame
    • Distributing new starter packs that contained specific information relevant to the role and ensuring a smooth transition for new employees
    • Effective and efficient organisation of travel and accommodation arrangements for successful candidates
    • Providing site inductions for each new DTO and providing an opportunity for them to meet the rest of the team through a social BBQ
    • Providing work in progress reports to our customer on a weekly basis to ensure transparency and accountability.


    Programmed successfully placed all 180 DTOs on-site within the required time frames, which exceeded our customer’s expectations.


    The recruitment model that we developed specifically to meet our customer’s initial high-volume recruitment needs continues to be used today. This demonstrates its effectiveness in the ongoing delivery of successful high-volume recruitment outcomes.

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