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    Helping individuals with disability return home & regain their independence

    For over two years Programmed Professionals has provided full-time care to a disabled client who is a quadriplegic as a result of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident.


    He spent 12 months in hospital and rehabilitation following the accident. Following this, Programmed was engaged to provide seven-days-per-week assistance, which included helping him and his family return home and adjust to their new life.


    A key part of our approach is to help our clients live independently in the comfort of their own home. It is crucial that we help clients with disability maintain as normal a lifestyle as possible. Our team helped the family with domestic duties including meal preparation and supporting the family to have weekends away, amongst other common family activities. Our aim is to ensure that our client is not treated as an invalid but is encouraged to do things on their own where possible, which aids recovery.


    Experiencing trauma of this degree, including permanent disability, takes a mental toll on the individual and their family. Compounding this situation was that prior to his accident, our client had recently become a new father to his baby girl. The added pressure of wanting to help his wife with their new child added even greater pressure to his rehabilitation and emotional recovery.


    This is where our care team took extra steps to aid his recovery. Programmed carers helped him to bond with his new baby and facilitated his involvement in her daily care, from having a team member holding her in his lap, through to talking him through her daily bath.


    Over time, our care team has helped our client to be able to hold his daughter on his own and participate in other activities, such as family time at the park, which has helped him regain some of his independence.


    Our client has made extraordinary progress with the support of Programmed’s care team. He has recommenced his studies at a local university thanks to our care team dropping him off and picking him up. We are also preparing to reduce the hours of care that we provide him as he is now able to look after himself for short periods of time and enjoy some one-on-one time with his daughter.


    Another outcome of the review was the decision to move to a fully outsourced maintenance model. It was identified that an outsourced model would provide opportunities for resourcing efficiencies through scheduling and reducing the frequency of shift penalties and overtime. The standard of service could also be improved.

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